Immigration Consultants

Unlock success for your clients with FRBD Consulting Inc.

At FRBD Consulting Inc., we understand that as an immigration consultant, your clients rely on your expertise and guidance to navigate complex immigration processes. Partnering with our organization can be the key to unlocking unprecedented success for you and your clients. With over a decade of experience and a team of seasoned industry leaders, we offer unparalleled expertise to assist you in delivering positive outcomes. Discover how we can work together to help your clients achieve their secondary residency goals.

Partnering with FRBD Consulting Inc.


Assessment and Tailored Solutions

Complete an assessment identifying your client’s needs and submit any pertinent documents. Our team will thoroughly review your client’s file, and present you with the tiers of service we can provide to help your client reach their desired outcome.

Tailored Solutions

Once you’ve chosen the level of service, we will develop customized solutions to help your client. 

Unwavering Support

We will be with you and your client every step of the way, offering open communication and support as we work to secure the most favourable outcome.

Emergency Services

For pressing or urgent cases, we offer a high-priority service that provides swift and efficient resolution (available at an additional premium). Please indicate your need for an emergency service when completing an assessment, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Why choose FRBD Consulting INC.?


Partnering with FRBD Consulting Inc. offers a host of benefits for you and your clients:

Emergency Service

We offer a unique high-priority service for immigration consultants, ensuring swift and efficient resolution for urgent files.

Start-up Visa Expertise

If you have start-up visa clients, they will have access to our vast expertise and resources in this area. We have a history of facilitating incredible successes for our start-up visa clients. Explore the News section of our website for inspiring start-up visa client success stories.

Business Consultancy

We offer extensive business consultancy services, covering everything from idea development to business establishment. Our services include patent acquisition, app development, prototype creation, business plan support, peer review, and more. For a complete list of these services, please see the Canadian Start-up Visa Program section of our webpage.

Letter of Support

We assist your start-up visa clients in securing a Letter of Support from a Canadian Designated Organization, including incubators, venture capitalists, and angel investors.

Diverse Portfolio

With assistance offered in over 40 different immigration programs across 18 different countries (and counting), we have the expertise to navigate immigration matters across the globe.

Global Network

Leverage our
expertise, resources, and in-depth
network of professionals worldwide to
benefit both you and your clients.

In-House Counsel

Our firm boasts an in-house counsel who handles all legal matters swiftly, and offers expert advisory to support all stages of the application process.

Extensive Experience

We have a wealth of experience successfully navigating a variety of cases, ranging in complexity.

Proven Track Record

Our reputation is built on a track record of successful outcomes and high client satisfaction.

Professionalism and Reliability

Our services are conducted with the utmost professionalism and reliability, ensuring ease and confidence for you and your clients.

Industry-Leading Professionals

Our team consists of seasoned industry
leaders who work diligently to help your
clients achieve their immigration goals.

At FRBD Consulting Inc., we’re committed to helping you and your clients succeed in the complex world of immigration. With our expertise, resources, and dedication, together we can achieve remarkable results.

If you are an immigration consultant that is interested in partnering with FRBD Consulting Inc.

Please contact us, and a member of our team will reach out shortly.