Transforming Healthcare: The NanoIn Success Story

Meet the visionary founders of NanoIn- Mojgan Mozafari, Shahnaz Hadavi, Leila Mashayekhi, Erfaneh Khakzadghomi, and Mohammadreza Hemmatian. Their collective passion forinnovation and improving healthcare brought them to FRBD Consulting Inc., seeking expertise and support to develop their ground breaking smart nanoaerosol inhaler for the Canadian market.

The challenge was formidable—to create a medical device that addressed the specific needs of Canadians with respiratory illnesses, while ensuring it met the stringent criteria for a medical device in Canada. Additionally, the founders were keen on navigating the complex landscape of immigration matters. They turned to FRBD Consulting Inc. for comprehensive support.

Today, NanoIn has achieved remarkable successes. The founders have brought to life a patient- centric device, coupled with cloud-based software that not only enhances medication adherence, but also empowers both doctors and patients. Doctors can now seamlessly tracktheir patients’ progress, while patients actively participate in their treatment by independently monitoring their health data.

At FRBD Consulting Inc., we take immense pride in our role in NanoIn’s journey. Witnessing our clients thrive as a result of our services is a source of great satisfaction. We are excited to watch NanoIn’s continued success as they revolutionize healthcare, one inhaler at a time.