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Providing solutions to attain Letters of Support
from Canadian designated organizations.

Based in Toronto, FRBD Consulting Inc. is a Canadian Business Consultation firm built from an in-depth network of business professionals. Our expertise lies in the ability to shift pre-localized start-ups and businesses to the international commercial market.

FRBD Consulting Inc. has successfully obtained Letters of Support from angel investors, incubators, and venture capitalists in various industries including healthcare, clean technology, green technology, artificial intelligence, and construction. Moreover, FRBD Consulting Inc.’s team of experts ensure that all start-up businesses meet the innovative threshold required to ensure its success.

As an FRBD Consulting Inc. client, you can rest assured that your innovative business meets the requirements set out by the Designated Organization, and that its viability will be vigorously substantiated through ample supporting records.

At FRBD Consulting Inc., we aim to provide the highest quality of consultancy; inventors are able to focus on optimizing their ideas without the stress of obtaining Letters of Support, and immigration practitioners can concentrate on the inventor’s Immigration Application, confident that their Applicants have a proven business to be assessed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC”).

Our Services

FRBD Consulting Inc. provides business consultation exclusively to immigration practitioners to assist in the attainment of their clients’ Start Up Visa applications. More specifically, we assist qualified applicants obtain Letters of Support from Canadian organizations designated by IRCC.  Listed below are our core services:

Preparing feasible, and profitable business plans tailored for the Canadian market.
Attaining patent cooperation treaty (“PCT”), valid in 152 countries through the World Intellectual Property Organization to protect inventor’s Intellectual Property.
Ensuring that the proposed business meets the required standard of innovation prior to submission.
Assist in all levels of prototype preparation, branding developement and marketing strategy for your business.
Prepare clients to successfully navigate through challenges involved in the attainment of their letter of support.

“ There is a requirement for Applicants to understand the responsibilities and complexities of the Start Up Business Class program, including their roles, duties and requirements. We are not in the business of just getting Letters of Support – FRBD Consulting Inc. is in the business of providing the highest standards in the innovation sector to maximize the Applicants’ chances of success, to be economically established, and attain Canadian Permanent Residency”

- Farbod Tahriri, LL.B., B.A. RCIC
The Process
Submit Your Assessment Form
Complete and submit our Assessment Form, along with any other relevant and pertinent records. Once we assess your Assessment Form, approved candidates will continue on to Step Two.
Let Us Work For You
In addition to performing all of the services listed above, we at FRBD Consulting Inc. will ensure that all qualifying businesses are innovative, we create Canadian jobs, will enrich the Canadian economy, and be viable to compete on a global scale.
Get Your Letter of Support
Through our proven record of success, our team at FRBD Consulting Inc. will work to obtain a Letter of Support from a qualified Canadian Designated Organization, as prescribed by IRCC. Upon attaining their Letter of Support, Applicants can submit their Application for Canadian Permanent Residency.
5 Reasons to Apply for the Start-Up Visa Program
Years of immigration experience
+50 letters of support successfully obtained
Startup visa success stories
Clients with residency approval in 2021
6-month average timeline to attain letter of support
Contact: Farbod Tahriri
​​Phone: (416)-490-1702
Address: 4576 Yonge Street, Suite 609
Toronto, ON, M2N 6N4
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Latest News & Updates
FRBD Consulting Inc. has recently launched a new location in Turkey.

Our new Turkey office will be open Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm. Click on the button below for the office location and contact information.

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